Jeff & Tracie Hymer: The Owners

Jeff loves two things; airplanes and his wife, Tracie. Jeff is always working on the bed & breakfast to constantly improve the house for our quests. He can be found either cooking breakfast in the morning or working around the home.

Tracie can either be found working away in her office, preparing breakfast for the guests, or with her grandson, Caden. Tracie puts a lot of time and energy into the bed and breakfast, when she's not working as an underwriter for an insurance company.

Cheyenne booked a room on her honeymoon, and loved the place so much she ended up staying.  She is a jack of all trades!  She can be found filling in for Jeff and Tracie, cooking, working outdoors, and cleaning the rooms.  

Danielle Meyer: Housekeeper

Meet the staff

Bed & Breakfast

Danielle is Tracie's daughter, her and her son, Caden, come on the weekends to help with the bed and breakfast. They seem to have perfect timing for when breakfast is also served. Danielle cleans the rooms on the weekends when she is not working her other job at an insurance company. Caden is not as helpful but he tries.

Cheyenne Johnson: Assitant Manager

Oak Creek Lodge